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E37: Desert Island Goals & Self Awareness Hitting 2020

E37 Desert Island Goals for 2020 & Self Awareness

If you were on an island with no financial, health, or other societal constraints but was limited to just being able to do a few things during the day with a few people who is there and what are you doing? Everyone needs a sense of purpose and everyone needs people because thats part of being human. But let’s get clear on our goals. I like brewing home brew, I like hiking, I like camping, I like a lot of people in my local music scene, I like a lot of podcasters But who do you NEED and what do you NEED to do?

Getting prepped for 2020 and any year I think it’s important to get very clear on the goals that matter and the actions you NEED to take to move in your life towards the creative or alternative lifestyle your after. I’ve wasted time in the past by saying yes to too many things and staying busy to feel busy. This years events have made it really simple for me to make decisions on what REALLY matters in my life. Quick thirty minute episode to talk through mindset on making big decisions simple to set the right goals for you. Dave talking to Dave 5 years ago to give advice learned over the years working towards the dream.

In This Episode We Cover

- The most important things to you

- Needs V. Wants

- What to say yes and no to

- How to make big decisions simple

- When should you take action?

- What factors hold you back?

- Addressing the urgent

- Total cash flow over everything


 “ You can’t win a game with the best defense ever if your not scoring any points” - Host Dave Swillum

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