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E34: Creating A Custom Brand With Your Own Hands W/ Jeff of Exeter Drum Works



Another episode out in the field! Join us today from Exeter Drum Works wood working shop in New Hampshire. Now I can’t say that being a drummer didn’t have anything to do with me choosing to go after this episode but it’s certainly good for anyone looking to make their own product, sell a boutique brand, or just likes to hear a hustle story.

We certainly talk drums but we also talk making the leap, getting your first income from your career, and competing as a small boutique brand against other larger manufacturers and competitors.

In This Episode We Cover

- If you don’t like what’s made, make it

- Getting into manufacturing goods

- Competing with national brands

- Three years and then making drums

- Tricks to keep committed to your dream

- Vision’s effect on creators

- Collaborate don’t compete

- Band Roles

- Music Instrument industry

- Trends in musician product consumption

- Differentiators


“I don’t want to be here anymore, I don’t have an issue with the work, I don’t have an issue with people I just don’t want to be here anymore because I wanna be making drums.” - Jeff

“ What else is there to do, this is what I want to do.” - Jeff

“ If your a creator you create.” - Host Dave Swillum

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Jeff’s Recommended Resource

If you want to build drums look through forums and youtube. Search koko jig to get into it.

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