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E33: Social Media Macro Lesson & Giving Back W/ Top 100 Influencer Simonetta Lein

Updated: Nov 27, 2019


Welcome to number 33. We carry on the conversation on Social Media for creatives but take it to the macro. After talking application and practice in E30 from my own experience and how Ryan built Robot Dog Studio with video content in E31, today we talk to someone who is on the large scale of social media.

Please welcome a top 100 influencer in the fashion industry with 2 million followers on IG, entrepreneur, and model Simonetta Lein. We had a killer conversation on what things are important for a modern social media and marketing game, an authentic identity with your living, and giving back. Super good info in here and amazingly authentic individual to talk to. Let me know what is working for you or challenging you with your creative outreach @davewakeup I want to know !

In This Episode We Cover

- Growing social media accounts from scratch

- Using influence for good

- Tools for improving social media results

- Being authentic

- Story telling, what’s your story?

- Give your very bestHuman touch

- What’s your message? Your tribe?

- Taking interactions and bringing them offline

- Entrepreneur life isn’t easy

- Be able to say no and be able to say yes

- Rest V. Giving Up


“ I’m not someone who’s opposed to working, I’m just someone that’s opposed to spending my time doing something that I hate. I’m a hard worker I’m good to go for a 15 hour day 18 hour day if it happens that way, I just don’t want to put in 8 hours of something I hate. “ - Host Dave Swillum

“Your vibe attracts your tribe” - Simonetta Lein

“Learn how to rest, not to give up” - Simonetta Lein

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Human Revolution

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