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E32: Modern Music Industry, Audience Experience, & Testing Your Idea’s W/ Scott Page of Pink Floyd

Updated: Nov 27, 2019



On todays episode we look to deliver some great music industry insight for indie artists and experience/ mindset thoughts for entrepreneurs. Today we speak with Scott Page Saxophone player/Rhythm Guitar for Pink Floyd, Supertramp and Toto, CEO of ThinkEXP LA based media immersive entertainment company, and technologist.

Scott has such a diverse background between music and entrepreneurship that we cover a lot of ground. Looking at story telling for your brand, creating an experience over a product, and understanding why we do what we do and if it will work.

In This Episode We Cover

What are you trying to do? Brand story tellingModern music industry Music business for indie artistsWhat do YOU stand forAccess to data and how to use itLean start up principles Test and validate!Fail fastYour skills vs. what you needStarter or Finisher? Execution > the idea always


“Are you a starter or a finisher? Figure out who you are and fill the room with people who provide the other” - Scott Page

“ You can’t get educated on everything, take the just-in-time approach to education. We don’t have time to get educated on everything so pick what you need right now and get it for the best impact”. - Host Dave Swillum

“ What people don’t understand is the idea is the simple part, it’s all about the execution”. - Scott Page

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Scott’s Recommended Resource

Co-founders equity calculator

Running Lean

by Ash Maurya

The Power Of Now

By Eckard Tolle

The Lean Canvas

One page business plan template

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