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E31: Starting Your Recording Studio & The DIY Spirit W/ Robot Dog Studios Ryan Cohen

Updated: Nov 27, 2019


Today We get right into the heart of what’s on my own personal mind. We go into how you start your business full time in a recording studio close to home with Ryan from Robot Dog Studios from outside of Burlington, VT. I connected with Ryan in the Six Figure Home Studio community I’m a part of on Facebook after I found out how close his studio was. After we connected on some content we hit it off.

We deep dive into why video is important for social and artists right now and how we create and offer services to support it. We look into taking the jump, picking a location, and starting business in the local recording scene and the DIY spirt behind Ryan and his story. If you want to open a recording studio listen to this. If your getting ready to take the jump and want to know what goes into it, still listen to this.

In This Episode We Cover

- How important video is for Social media right now

- The DIY spirit

- Lean into your strengths

- Choosing a space for your business

- Keep the overhead low

- Finding a commercial space that works for a studio

- Live recording and video for artists

- Letting go of control

- How often do you need to share your brand?

- Making musicians feel comfortable to create

- Studios dogs and cats


“ I would have said this to myself earlier, just jump in and do it.” - Ryan Cohen

“It’s almost like if people didn’t see a video it didn’t happen” - Ryan Cohen

“ Even if you think your beating people over the head everyday with your social posting, it just gets so buried with politics and memes so you can’t tell people enough about what your doing” - Ryan Cohen

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Ryan’s Recommended Resource

“Shaking Through” documentary

from Weather Vane Music

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