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E29: Making A Physical Product & Aligning Your Values W/ Horizon Active Sara & Drustin

Updated: Mar 9, 2022



I met Sara and Drustin back in my undergrad at Plymouth State University. This week they just launched their USA made, sustainably made athletic wear clothing company! You can’t go into business against your morals and beliefs or one day you won’t feel good with what you’ve built.

Sara and Drustin saw a need for this product in the market and wanted it to be a new and original offering instead of a repeat product made however and where ever.

We talk creating a clothing line and coming up with a physical product fo the first time. Have you ever wanted to sell a product direct to consumer without housing the product? You can! By no means is this passive because these guys worked their ass off but once you have the systems in place there is some really cool stuff that can happen. Check it out.

In This Episode We Cover

- Creating a physical product in modern time

- Distribution

- On demand, direct to consumer

- How to create your own clothing

- Doing business with your morals

- Choosing who you want to work with

- Customizing and creating a new thing

- What’s a tech pack?!??!

- Shopify


“ I’ve been in the industry 30 years……So have the walls but it doesn’t mean I need to take their business advice in a new industry.” - Drustin Sabin

“ Why do you care if it’s a bunch of little old ladies sewing together your cloths…..Why do I care?!?!?!” Sara talking about looking for ethical manufacturers - Sara Manzoni

“Business isn’t an instant reward, sometimes your investing in the long game. Say you learn to play guitar, it’s not like your playing a Jimi Hendrix tune right away” - Drustin Sabin

“Sales is not something that’s comfortable, period” - Sara Manzoni

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