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E27 How Do You Know When It's Time For A Change?

This week, the guys have a one on one episode discussing an important topic; pivotting. When life, hobby, & careers don't seem to be panning out how do you recognize it? How do you move in a new direction? What does a new direction provide? The guys sit down and dig deep while they catch up on the day to day of life. Each of us experiences changes on all scales and it is important to re-evaluate periodically to make sure we are on track to success and health. What has happened in your life that has made you reassess your situation?

In this episode:

-That "smack you in the face feeling

-"This isn't working"

-Pay attention

-More stuff on mind/body connection

-The process of setting good goals

-The importance of taking inventory

- Is the grass greener? 

- The why, then the how, then the what

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