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E25 Corporate V. Small Business V. Self Employed? What's Best For You?



Coming from last week’s episode talking talking some strengths coming from an interview with a corporate leader in a large company we wanted to take this week to talk the cons of corporate and how you can make it work for you if it’s what YOU want.

This week we got to hang out with Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss who worked the corporate life for 25 years and left to start their jobs to start a communications consulting company for themselves. Their journey started when they had some trying times at their company and started writing their first book together B.S.Incorporated and later wrote the sequel Operation Clusterpuck which are both business fictional novels based off of real life situations behind closed boardroom doors and private jets.

We talk ways to work against complacency at work, communication in your job or at your business with others, changes in technology creating changes in public communication, and pros and cons of having your own business or working for a large or small business.

In This Episode

What really happens in the corporate worldDifference between older and newer mentality of career prioritiesCommunicationTechnological changes in our communication style in and our of businessFictional business novel? Did you know those existed? Rad!Differences between working small and large business or your own business.Don’t let a company make choices for you, choose your pathDon’t let life happen to youIf you like working at a corporate desk job, great keep doing that!Don’t sleepwalkYou have to be ready to goWould changing in your current job make you happy?You still need to ‘work’ even when you have your dream jobWhat is your funyun threshold?How do you measure success?Self awarenessAuthenticityThere’s no replacement for face to face


Every position he’s ever had in his career has just happened to him, he’s never been looking for them. - Jennifer Rock

“No company says ‘Here’s exactly the work/life balance that you deserve and I’m going to give you” Because if you ask a company to choose for you the company’s going to choose itself because thats what they are designed to do. You need to take control of your life and decide what works for you. - Jennifer Rock

If you decide you want to work 90 hours a week for a 45 billion dollar company, thats awesome! - Jennifer Rock

I understand the person that all of the sudden blows up and does exactly what they wanted to do and the person that worked something they hate for 90 years and looks back with regret, Life is fast paced and I understand how these things happen on both sides. - Host Dave Swillum

You have to be ready to go, I would never encourage someone to jump prematurely. Paychecks do stop coming, you need to be ready for that risk. - Michael Voss'

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