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E23 To College Or Not? Choices Made & How It Plays Out

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

This is the day I go my MBA paid for by work, I have a lot of thoughts on the education system over my years in it and working at the same time. I wanted to start the discussion I hear at every friends party as we get older and see our choices play out.
SNHU MBA Graduation 2019, @davewakeup

As the world becomes an increasingly technological place the way we live our lives change with it. Whether it be how your job changes or becoming fluent in new skills whilst progressing a career, forward progress is always necessary. With this progress comes a fundamental block in the construction of a successful life; Education. In this episode, the guy's do their first solo episode where they tackle an important question that hits close to home for everyone. Do you need to go to college? Join the guys as they dissect this increasingly complicated and layered question as they discuss pre-college behavior, the climate of colleges in the present day, self-teaching, and the massive investment a modern education can be. Thank you for joining us on the first solo episode!

In this episode we cover

-What is important about college?

- ROI of your degree, thinking about the real cost

-The state of technology and it's impact on education

-The importance of continued growth of skills

-Do you even need a degree for your interest?

-Can you afford education and how do you go about it?


“ Now so many industries that exist that never existed for all of these parents, friends, and mentors to give context for “I want to sell sneakers on instagram'' “I want to be a youtuber and getting licensing income to make makeup tutorials” That was never possible before. I feel like a lot of advice and things we look for to make those decisions at that age are not aligned with the current abilities of internet coming to scale.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ Looking at my current situation and what I’m pursuing now, did I really need to go to go to college? I would say yes. You can fall into the near sighted trap of not thinking of your degree as worth anything because your not using it in your related field at the moment. It’s about a self growth mindset and a process of putting yourself through something that is so rigorous and so intense that it forces you to change as a person and forces you to grow. It cultivates fundamentally important life skills that I feel people lose sight of. - Co-Host Ryan Carrigan

“The science shows in the psych field that money can buy you happiness in so far as it keeps the debt collectors away. Meaning happiness is correlated with you make enough money for lack of discomfort. You are only so happy with money to the point when your not being pestered by lack of it then it plateaus. Once you reach a certain point you can have one billion dollars and it doesn’t make you any happier.” - Co-Host Ryan Carrigan

“Take what you can out of literally everything. We will say it as it is, you do not need to go to college. Also you do not need to go to school for something that will make you look socially acceptable. Also you need to think too, if your spending umteen thousand dollars and your going to school for a $200,000 english degree…...I’m not knocking english, I’m just saying sorry dude...your return on investment. You need to look at holistically. I wish I was more involved with my student loan process when I was younger.” Co-Host Ryan Carrigan

“Whatever it is that your going to do, do it well.” Co-Host Ryan Carrigan

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