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Episode 19: Using Art To Overcome Our Roadblocks & Break Through In The New Industry W/Simon Pellett

Updated: Jun 2, 2019


E19: Our first joint podcast!!!! Welcome back peeps

Welcome back to the podcast, sorry for failing on a release time last week! I’m finally settled in my new down sized place and getting back up to speed on life. This week we talk to Simon Pellett on our first ever joint podcast with another content creator. Simon started a podcast called “Music On Your Own Terms” where he discusses entrepreneur and business traits and habits with artists around the world to better support the music community with useful information from both fields. Simon and I met through Instagram when I started discussing ideas with him first on comments, then through DM, then on the phone until we had to get our ideas together on an episode!

This episode we look at how having a side hobby or relaxed passion on the side of your side hustle and 9-5 can be beneficial to addressing depression, anxiety, and a full life. We delve into some behind the scenes of our times in bands and how business principles can be applied to your band or artist life.

Simon’s Bio:

Simon Pellett grew up the south of England, spending his teenage years becoming engrossed in art and music, and learning to play the guitar. At 20 he met a girl and left the UK, moving north of Boston in the US.and over the years contributed to several different musical projects, while working on his career as a graphic artist.

From his early teens he suffered from anxiety and depression, which caused crippling self-doubt, virtually halting any confidence to join bands or play in public for fear of ridicule and not being good enough. It wasn’t until a childhood friend turned him on to motivational and leadership authors and speakers such as Tony Robbins, that he began to work on overcoming his fears and seeking to improve himself in all aspects of life.

After working with various musicians in New England, Simon joined a band that opened for national touring acts, won a battle of the bands, and was interviewed on radio. The band ran its course, but the relationships in the scene and the experiences were invaluable. With the entrepreneurial and mindset knowledge gained from constantly seeking new books and podcasts, coupled with seeing first hand the stumbling blocks that bands run into when trying to build a career in music, he launched a podcast called Music On your Own Terms. This podcast aims to help musicians develop an entrepreneurial mindset, overcome the same self doubt, anxiety and depression and to build a community of musicians that work together to improve the scene with the mantra “A rising tide lifts all ships”.

Simon’s family recently moved to Texas and he is now playing with a new band and applying those learned principles both to improve the band’s success and as a test for others to follow suit and find success for themselves.

In this episode:

- Self awareness, understanding what your productivity looks like

- Going after depression/anxiety in your life

- Empathy

- Using a hobby or passion to help channel your thoughts/emotions

- How creative or music can help with physical pain

- Success time frame against instant gratification

- How do you define yourself? We aren’t our jobs or our passions, those are things we do, only a piece of who we are.

- What can performing do for you?

- Bass players unite!

- How many times can Ryan and I jinx?

- How to make a living doing what you want in art or life

- Digital barriers to entry


“Overnight success is a 10 year thing” - Host Dave Swillum

“What’s going to make me get outside of my comfort zone even more is just sing” - Simon Pellett

“You have to get past the noise, it’s not that you can’t make music, its about getting in front of people” - Simon Pellett

“Getting up to bat has never been more possible than it was before, now its about become the most unique batter to get picked” - Host Dave Swillum

“All you need is 1000 real fans, if you can get 1000 real fans to pay $100 dollar to you a year then you can make a six figure income as an artist” - Simon Pellett


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How To Make It In The New Music Business

Little Voice Mastery

Any of Tim Ferris’s Books

Office Space

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