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E166: Investing In Result’s | Garbage In Is Garbage Out W/ Dave Swillum


As I’ve grown in business and creative over the years I’ve continually found value in finding mentors or education that make me get to a result faster. Today we talk about investing in a result big to get big results. What stops us from doing it and what’s a scam? I talk on this short episode about ways to get to the result with other resources other than just money, how to gauge if it’s worth it, and how the roll coaster feels when you do with the reward at the end. If you want results you need to invest in them.

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In This Episode We Cover

  • Investing in results

  • Garbage in is garbage out

  • What are you not good at?

  • Easy to invest in what’s always been done, scary to invest in new

  • People are built to become better

  • Hesitation

  • Investments we’ve always made but never feared are way bigger

  • The result is the most important

  • Result over investing in anything

  • How to make sure you are investing in something that get’s the result not a scam

  • Compounding effect of lost/gained years


“What are my gaps? What are the things that I’m not good at and I need help with?” - Host Dave Swillum

“I don’t feel that we should be hesitating in investing in ourselves, investing specifically in a result we are looking to get when we have been investing in less scary things our whole lives.” - Host Dave Swillum

“What do you want to make happen? What’s the number one thing you want to be a part of your life? What is the result you are trying to get? What can I do or who can I work with to get me that result?” - Host Dave Swillum

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