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E165: Working With What You Have To Create The Life You Want W/ Andrew Oliver



On this episode we speak with musician, entrepreneur, and inventor Andrew Oliver. We speak through balancing your passions and distributing your creative / marketing with all your worlds. Leaving school early and going for it and what pursuing a healthy financial life in the creative arts looks like. Today’s episode is great for any creative looking to make a living doing things they love, start up life, and inventing new things.

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In This Episode We Cover

  • Leaving college early

  • Going into gigging full time with your original music

  • Developing your first physical product

  • Itching your own scratch

  • Pillars of your business / content

  • Distributing all your creative

  • Working with what you have

  • Working with others that can do things you can’t

  • Getting back that child like wonder and exploration

  • Approaching finance sustainability as a creative starting out

  • Piecing together your income and diversifying risk on the streams


“ When I’m most rigid and most busy I’m the least creative. When I’m on vacation I always write new songs. My mind get’s in that creative zone where it wants to stimulate itself.” - Andrew Oliver

“ Working with what you have and not being afraid to work with what you have is the first step.” - Andrew Oliver

“That lack of things they have to create with pushes them way outside the box to form the disruption.” - Host Dave Swillum

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