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E164: Don’t Lose Your Passion Pursuing Your Passion W/ Dave Swillum



Today’s episode is a reminder for those working in what they love and a cautionary note for those going after it or thinking about it. When we start doing what we love as a business or a life style seriously it’s really easy to follow that professionalism and drive into an unhealthy space that ruins both for us. On today’s episode we speak briefly to keeping something available that doesn’t need to matter so you can keep that reason you got into what you love in the first place alive and spill it into everything you do. Let us know what you think @davewakeup or

In This Episode We Cover

  • Don’t lose the child like feeling

  • Why you got in to this in the first place?

  • What is your F it is why I’m doing it thing?

  • Preventing becoming jaded

  • Working to keep life in your creative

  • Doing the thing you started

  • Separating pieces of you from your business

  • Separating the you from your creative

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