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E163: Owning The Losses, Staying Curious, and Boutique Brands W/ Ciara Stockeland



Today we speak through staying curious, owning your losses with the wins, gratitude to combat complacency, entrepreneurship, your first iron man, and a lot more. Entrepreneur, small business coach, and boutique clothing store owner Ciara Stockeland and I chat on this one over a large range of topics pushing mindset, business, creative, and much more. Let us know what you think @davewakeup or

What you are trying to start?

How’s it going?

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In This Episode We Cover

  • Boutique retail

  • Coming from a family of small business owners

  • What would make my business different?

  • Staying curious

  • Learning from your business while its alive and adding to your concept

  • When it’s not working and people shove forward

  • It’s easy to own our wins, but we blame our failures on others

  • Gratitude v complacency

  • How to be a good mentee


“This is working, this isn’t working, how can we stay curious?” - Ciara Stockeland

“If it’t not working you have to stop trying to move forward doing the same thing and expecting different results.” - Ciara Stockeland

Resources Noted In This Podcast

Atomic Habits

The Compound Effect

The Boutique Workshop Podcast

Ciara Stockeland’s Link’s

Personal Brand Website

Boutique Workshop Site




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