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E162: It’s Not Coming To You, You Need To Go Get It W/ Fabiana Claure



On today’s episode we are joined by Fabiana Claure focusing on a sustainable, abundant living as a musician and creative without the one to one ration of time in the equation. Fabiana brings insight on how to remove the “you” from the time without removing the you from your output to customers. We speak through bringing business to creative (I know I talk about it a lot), taking a brick and mortar remote, starting different income streams from your current gifts, and much more. Overall a great episode for anyone trying to live the life they want by design and share their gifts with more people for more income. Hit me up with your thoughts @davewakeup or!

In This Episode We Cover

  • Learning business as a creative

  • Don’t wait for it to come, create it

  • Mentors

  • When both partners in a couple are in creative careers

  • Starting a brick and mortar music school

  • Operating a brick and mortar remotely with systems

  • Starting a new program from scratch

  • Starting a business with a young child

  • Taking action even when others don’t understand your decisions

  • Creating life on your own terms

  • Artists NEED to make money to make more art


“Well I love to play the piano but how will I make a living with this, there’s no more degrees I can’t keep going to school.” - Fabiana Claure

“There’s no box that I drop that resume in, it’s a different battle as a creative.” - Host Dave Swillum

“It’s not coming to you, you need to go get it and that’s ok but you need to know that.” - Host Dave Swillum

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