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E161: The Idea Is What Made It Good, Everything Else Was Just Extra W/ Dave Swillum


Short episode talking on creation and the initial idea as the most important. If you have something holding you back from releasing something think back to some of your favorite songs, vacations, and other memories. Was it that their production and set up was perfect that made them impactful to you and amazing? The best things are the things that exist and the best initial spark that’s captured so make sure you release it. In this episode we speak through the process and getting action behind it.

In This Episode We Cover

  • The best ideas are the idea not the production

  • Why am I hesitating ?

  • No one actually knows what they are doing

  • Does this matter to stop this from being released?


“ Things are as good as the things that are made for how they are relative to the people of the time.” - Host Dave Swillum

Resources Noted In This Podcast

Zane’s Episode 116

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