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E160: Catching Lightning In A Bottle Ideas & Harvesting On The Move W/ Dave Swillum


As creatives or entrepreneurs we all get those “uh ha” moments in the worst places, those once in a lifetime ideas when we are driving, working out, or working that we can NEVER get back when we want to. Let’s talk about some ways we can catch them on the run, reduce friction to engage with them, and harvest them frequently to take action and consistency with our thoughts. On this episode we cover simple methods to capture different mediums on the run, systems to put them in to use, and habits to build them in to our routine so you never forget those killer ideas again!

In This Episode We Cover

  • Capturing ideas as they come in the moment

  • When and where do we get our best ideas?

  • Simple ways to capture

  • Don’t worry about perfect

  • Reduce friction

  • The solution for shower ideas

  • Harvesting ideas

  • Systems to bring these ideas into our schedule

  • Action orientated, friction reducing habits


“We’re not worried about how beautiful or perfect something is, perfection is the enemy of creation sometimes. It’s ok to have typos or have background noise. Just worry about capturing and how you can harvest after.” - Host Dave Swillum

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