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E159: People Should Hate What You Make W/ Dave Swillum


No one want’s anyone to hate them or what they do but they should. On this episode we take a quick deep dive into why it’s important to create polarizing content, creative, and business so that you make a sound. You can’t speak to anyone so why would you try? There will be people that don’t like what you do out there and say so but that’s great! This shows who loves your stuff and means you are making enough noise and being individual enough to push some boundaries. Let’s talk about it.

In This Episode We Cover

  • What positive hate looks like

  • Trolls

  • It’s ok for people to not like you or what you make

  • All new’s is good news

  • Finding your niche by removing what isn’t it

  • Creating noise

  • Creating a conversation

  • Without hate there is no love

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