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E155: Reminding Yourself To Have Fun: The Life Of An Olympian W/ Lauren Doyle

Updated: Apr 19, 2022



Today we take a break from strict creative to talk about going after your passion from a different perspective. On this episode we are joined by our first Olympian on the show Lauren Doyle. Lauren talks through going from an extremely small town to being in two olympic competitions in some of the largest cities in the world. We talk through her schedule, mental and physical practices, and taking a break when you need to. Conversation on being present, a time bound career, and much more in this episode.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Olympian

  • Schedule of an Olympian on and off season

  • Never using your degree

  • Getting your foot into the door

  • Entering a young industry

  • Olympics during COVID times

  • Small town to mega cities

  • Mind gym

  • Getting present

  • Meditation

  • Remind yourself to have fun

  • Having a finite career

  • Take a break


It’s gotta be pretty crazy to be in a stadium that big with no one in it?!” - Host Dave Swillum

“If you start thinking about what you just did or what might happen next you tend to mess up the current situation.” - Lauren Doyle

“If you’re not having fun then you need to take a break and find the joy in it again.” - Lauren Doyle

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Gottman Method: 4 horsemen to handle arguments

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