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E154: People Say You Can Only Be An Expert In One Thing......That’s Wrong W/ J Mark / Djinnman



Today we break through creative, business, media theory, and high technology all in one place. We interview J Mark or stage name Djinnman who speaks through a history of high education in music composition, technology, and philosophy as well early crypto investing, alternative money ways to make money on your journey, and writing techno. We speak through J Mark’s life leading him to early retirement in the Philippines continuing to work on what he loves and believes in. Music, video, business, technology, philosophy, let’s go!

In This Episode We Cover

  • Traditional music education

  • Early electronic music

  • Early Bitcoin investor

  • Selling a trademark

  • Being the black sheep

  • Getting through depression

  • Rejection

  • Having a sleep disorder

  • travel !


You trade marked an artist made and sold it, invested it into Damian Chazelle early senior project work and took return from that to invest in Bitcoin early, and now you're retired.” - Host Dave Swillum

“You will be rejected, when you get rejected, get better and come back. “ - J Mark

“Once you get three different things down and spend 10,000 hours you will be able to see between the similarities and move on to your fourth thing. People say you can only be an expert in one thing and that’s wrong. Being a human being you need to be more than one thing. Human’s are more than just an income stream so you’re not just one thing.” - J Mark

J Mark’s Links

J Mark’s Papers & Writings:

J Mark’s Music

J Mark’s Motion Picture Brand

Resources Noted In This Episode

Free google teaching

MIT open courses

Schoenberg Composer

Friedrich Kittler: Media Theorist

Damian Chazelle: American Film Director

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