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E150: Advancing Women In Music, Artist Management, & Finding Your Space W/ Kristina Latino

Updated: Mar 9, 2022



On today’s episode we speak with Boston based founder of Cornerscape artist management, president of Women In Music Boston Chapter, and live sound production leader Kristina Latino. We speak through finding your space in your industry that fits you and your personality, the life cycle of different roles in music, what an artist manager does, and advancing women and marginalized people in the music industry. Great insight on behind the curtains of the music industry, women run businesses, and finding YOUR piece of your industry to be in.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Finding your space in your industry

  • Life cycle of an artist and different positions in the industry

  • Working with great teams

  • What an artist manager does

  • Artist income streams

  • Long term artist career

  • Avoiding burnout

  • Women in music

  • Advancing women and those with marginalized voices in all roles

  • More access is needed

  • Relationship driven industry

  • Show up


“You are sewing seeds that you hope will grow and it’s so much more rewarding down the line. It’s a very special community to be a part of.” - Kristina Latino

“Artists can’t devote their career to their art unless they’re able to live on it” - Kristina Latino

“I love the mess.” - Dave Swillum

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Women In Music Site

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