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Episode 15: Growing A Business & Diversifying Through Real-Estate Investing W/ Peter Marston Jr.

Peter Marston Jr. of Live Free Heating & Cooling

Today we tackle some familiar topics like moving from side hustle to taking the plunge, tarting up, and goal setting then hit some new topics like real-estate investing and in depth views of planning your year. Peter is a powerhouse of information on diversifying and getting your head into your business. I tracked this while I was  investing in my first income property and picked his brain on some beginner questions I thought might be helpful for people in first time real-estate investment mode.

Peter’s Bio:

Peter Marston Jr. is a person in long-term recovery who is a husband, father, entrepreneur, real estate and business investor and speaker. After countless failed attempts trying to get sober on his own Peter surrendered to his disease after a suicide attempt. Broken and hopeless he went into treatment the next day. He realized with this second chance that he wanted more out of life from his newly found sobriety. He started to take different actions, raise his standards, set goals, and create the life he always dreamed of living.

Peter currently owns Live Free Heating & Cooling, an HVAC company based in New Hampshire and Moksha Investments his real-estate investment company specializing in long term buy and hold rental properties. Peter is also a partner at Bonfire Behavioral Health which strives to foster growth and confidence in its clients using a proven, solution-based model of recovery while drawing from a rich variety of support sources. Sobriety has allowed Peter to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams and live his purpose creating opportunities an helping others find clarity and purpose in their own lives.

In This Episode You’ll Discover

• Going from addiction to attacking the life you want to live • Strategic goal setting: Yearly, quarterly, measurable • Entrepreneurial habits in youth • Employee verses Employer

• Side hustle

• Get a coach!

• Mastermind groups

• Find the right person

• 10 years on your own or 2 years with help

• Accountability

• Pay yourself first, always

• Freedom over fear

• Vision traction organizer

• House hacking

• First real estate thoughts

• Passive income from rental properties

• Refinance to get your next deals down payment • Don’t over leverage yourself

• Forming an LLC


“ There’s plenty of people that are employees in this world, the world needs employees. I’m so glad I was able to smash out of that one conversation of someone saying when they were my age this is what I did” Peter Marston

“ I used to be scared of getting prepped to take this all the way, but now it’s like I’m scared to not, I just can’t think any other way” Host Dave Swillum

“ Paying ourselves first adds that level of we have to make it happen, I’m paying my self first but I still have this responsibility to pay my employees, social, supply, there’s so much, but we pay ourselves first and it keeps that fire burning for us.” Peter Marston

“ Once I jumped out of the plane I felt comfortable, I really felt comfortable.” Peter Marston “Why I love real-estate, you can put in two hours a week into real-estate while your grow your business, real-estate does not have to be a full time job” - Peter Marston

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