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E149: 100% In On Yourself & 100 Ft Up In The Air Upside Down In A Straight Jacket W/ Michael Mezmer

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On today’s episode we speak with hypnotherapist, illusionist, and writer Michael Mezmer. Michael has traveled the world performing as an act and helping those with trauma with hypnotherapy. Michael is also an author of several books and currently writing new works we discuss in the show. In this episode we talk through the transition period from high school into your passion and getting your first paid gig. Michael shares some extremely wild ways to drum up publicity, build a personal brand, and highlights when to separate your personal brand as your act and yourself in home life and stage. We speak through business design, mindset, and experience.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Getting your first paid gig

  • Experiencing different cultures around the world

  • Taking chances

  • Getting publicity

  • The transition from high school into your passion

  • Being comfortable with not knowing how it will happen

  • Separating your personal brand from you as a person when you need to

  • The benefits of hypnotherapy

  • Don’t over represent yourself

  • Building your personal brand


“You can’t get attention by being the norm, you have to live out of the norm.” - Michael Mezmer

“You’ve gotta be 100% in. If you have faith in yourself others will have faith in you.” - Michael Mezmer

“There’s so many times where you don’t really know where the money is coming from, you don’t know how somethings going to happen, or even what you are personally going to do yet but somehow it’s going to happen.” - Host Dave Swillum

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Michael’s Danger Magic Site


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Tough Times Never Last, Tough People Do


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