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E148: Combining Two Passions To Make One Creative Business & Pricing Your Work W/ April Bielefeld

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

@fallphototrips Photo Credit: Noel Roque


Today we are joined by Vegas based award winning published fine art photographer April Bielefeldt. April started a business using her creative medium of choice of photography to combine with her passion for travel to make her business. April makes her living from leading groups of travelers to different locations year round to get “that” shot every time. With an eye for photo and a love for travel April is able to help those passionate about photography travel to new places without missing the best places. We speak on going for it even when you don’t feel ready and growing into it, different pieces of the creative mind, and pricing your creative properly.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Combining your creative with new business ideas

  • Getting a day job that works for your schedule starting your business

  • Different paths in the same industry

  • Learn as you grow

  • Do anything to get the shot

  • Analytical verses subjective creative mind

  • Enjoying the moment instead of capturing it

  • Freezing up

  • How to prep your band or business photos

  • Knowing when you and a new client don’t work well together

  • Pricing your work properly

  • Curating the content and input we bring in


“If someone asks if you can do it, just say yes and go out there and do it. Start small in whatever your passion is and learn as you grow. Keep adding on.” - April Bielefeld

“You have to be uncomfortable to get the right poses and shots.” - April Bielefeld

“ If you sell yourself a little bigger, it’s that perception and you’re gonna give it to them. It forces you to put yourself in those shoes and step up to the challenge and do it.”

April’s Links



Aprils Travel Photography Business Website

Resources Noted In This Episode

Photographer Mick Rock

Tools April has used to sell her photo trips:


Trip Advisor

Tours By Locals

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