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E144:First Time Home Recording As An Artist, Authenticity, & Balancing The Gig Life W/ Andrew Geano

Updated: Mar 9, 2022



Boston based singer/songwriter Andrew Geano and I sit down to speak over life as an artist through COVID times, differences between recording your own music at home and working with a pro studio, covers verses originals, process, and the value in authenticity and lo fi experiences. In this episode learn what it takes to properly balance the gig life with a day job and how to conquer unwanted pieces of the process. Music, day to day life, and what can happen in the Boston music scene.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Recording your own music through initial COVID lock downs

  • Differences between recording your own songs and recording at a pro studio

  • Authenticity in your creative

  • Human element verses polished and perfect

  • When is it time to go to a professional studio?

  • Cover gigs vs originals

  • Writing process

  • Creative doesn’t always have to be real or make sense

  • Consuming new music and art even when you may not like it at first


“ When it comes to demo’s even if they don’t have the studio polish to it, there’s a certain charm that comes from lo fidelity that comes from demos.” - Andrew Geano

“ Hearing someone saying your lyrics back at your face when you are at a new venue in a new place you are like “What the F$#$* is happening!?”. - Host Dave Swillum

“ Theres not such thing as a wasted moment when it comes to consuming new art.” - Andrew Geano

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