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E143: If You Don't Laugh, You'll Cry. New Band, New City, & AI In Music W/ Steve Maher



Speaking with singer-songwriter Steve Maher Boston born and Chicago / Denver raised in his career. On this episode we speak through his time transitioning through COVID to a new city as an artist, creating income and sustaining band members by treating your band as a business, AI in music production, and humoring life in general. We speak through the music industry but add in plenty of useful points for business owners and creatives of all kinds.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Adapting to high elevation levels as a singer or musician

  • Music career through Covid transitions

  • Moving to new cities and adapting your sound

  • Doing things with poor vision and vision defects

  • Sustaining income for your band members

  • A band is a business

  • Creating revenue from your art so you can sustain it

  • Forming your team

  • Behind the scenes to make a show go well and keep the project going

  • Humoring life and bringing that to your art

  • You can only control your actions

  • When to play and when to work

  • Engaging with your inner child

  • AI in music


“Everyone want’s it to be just about the music, of course I want that but if you want to make it your life you have to form processes that bring in revenue.” - Steve Maher

“If you don’t laugh you’ll cry” - Steve Maher

“You can only control your actions and what you do, and how to respond to things.” - Steve Maher

Resources Noted In This Podcast Episode

The Honey Hounds

The Green Mill Jazz Club in Chicago

Suggester: Chords and Scales

Chords AI

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