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E142: What Are NFT's?? W/ Dave Swillum



You have heard something on TV, a conversation out and about, or looked up what an NFT is but didn’t go further or heard some really confusing responses and gave up on it. On this episode I’m hear to explain what NFT’s are in a very digestible and example driven way so YOU can decide what role they will play in your life. I am not a pro in this space and if you are one this episode most likely isn’t for you. If you do know what they are but want to look into some ways to use them jump to 3/4 through this episode and there is still relevant info for you. Overall I think this is an AMAZING opportunity for creatives to create new revenue streams from things they are already doing. Very excited for what we can build on this already interesting and engaging tech out there.4

In This Episode We Cover

  • What is a freakin NFT?

  • One of a kind

  • What is the blockchain? Why does it matter?

  • Digital scarcity for the first time for real

  • New revenue streams for artists and creatives

  • Selling digital assets

  • You don’t need to understand everything to utilize this tech

  • Smart contracts


“ There’s just something to the world from being able to show “I own this” that hasn’t been possible before for real in digital assets.” - Host Dave Swillum

Resources Noted In This Podcast Episode

Emily Aborns Site

Open Sea

Sound XYZ


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