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E136: Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate W/ Dave Swillum



Ever hear the story about the carpenter that doesn’t work on their own house or mechanic that doesn’t work on their own car? It happens with creatives too. I’ve worked on my own music for 8 to 10 years, a lot of which has been helpful for learning my trade with more experimental things in studio and crazy ideas and tricks. But, what I’ve learned from it is that I am much better as a musician and writer when I am only focusing on being that person in that moment. When I have a technical aspect coming in it doesn’t always serve my art. SO, I’ve had to drop my ego, get out of my comfort zone and hire other people that do the same things as I do to work on projects with me because collaboration can be an amazing thing. I’ve noticed that many amazing songs if not all generally have other writers, producers, engineers, and collaborators involved with their success. When it comes to achieving the best possible results I’ll always give new things a try. On this solo episode I deep dive into my experience through these phases and my findings. Let’s talk about how important collaboration is for the creative community. We are built for it.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Working on the art you do for work for yourself

  • Limitations on working on your own

  • What blocks us from collaborating more?

  • How money can change your passion

  • How ego can play into your decisions right or wrong

  • What happens to the creative when you can’t step out of it?

  • Being an artist first

  • Benefits of collaborating with others

  • Speeding up the feedback loop

  • Making decisions

  • Bringing diversity into the project


“ If you don’t take time to be creative for yourself, you will lose that drive and ambition. Keep a little piece for yourself you deserve that and started because of it” - Host Dave Swillum

“ It’s your project, you have the right to say where the line is, that’s the best part about it.” - Host Dave Swillum

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