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E133: Freedom Through Remote Work & Starting Your Business As A Stay At Home Mom W/ ToriAnn Perkey


We spend a lot of time talking about what jobs we don’t to do on this show so I thought it might be nice to mix things up and talk about some practical jobs that make a lot of sense to support creatives and entrepreneurs while they go after their passion. I KNOW we are all waking up from work and trying to do what we want to do but nothing is an overnight success and things take time. They take a lot less time when we have the right day job to support our schedules, family, health, and income and there are so many ways we now have access to than we did in the past. Today we speak to co-founder of Integrate Up ToriAnn Perkey about how she helps people who want to work online get hired by companies that want people who work online. She believes every person who wants to deserves the freedom and flexibility to build the life they want while working a job. We talk through being a stay at home mom and equality for women, creating and controlling your week, and choosing income generating actives that help you fulfill your purpose or build your purpose in the meantime.

In This Episode We Cover

  • What jobs work best for creatives and entrepreneurs while they work on their passion?

  • Creating flexibility in your day to day

  • Home schooling your children

  • Creating a business as a stay at home mom

  • Taking action to put yourself in a position to be forced to take more action

  • Giving women the ability to pursue their passion after they have children

  • Saying no now doesn’t mean forever

  • What can I do from home?

  • What can I learn how to do or already have 80% of the skillsets?

  • Control your week, control your day

  • What are your income producing activities?


“ I can’t be the kind of mom I want to be and work full time. “ - ToriAnn Perkey

“ Be a little naive of what you are diving into can sometimes be a good thing.” - ToriAnn Perkey

“ Life is really big, just because you have to say no to something for awhile, doesn’t mean you have to say no to it forever. If you love it enough, life dishes you up opportunities all the time.” - ToriAnn Perkey

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