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E132: Democratizing Big Ideas, Dunning Kruger Effect & Getting Everyone At Bat W/ Hans Manzke



Everyone deserves a chance at bat, but not everyone is given the chance. Today we speak to author, advocate, and leader consultant Hans Manzke. Han’s speaks about his philosophy of democratizing big ideas and helping give access to everyone to use their talents. We speak through coming from a recent immigrant family, dealing with systemic racism, dispersing opportunity equally, imposter syndrome, and more.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Democratizing big ideas

  • Coming from an immigrant family

  • Dealing with systemic racism

  • Talent is equally distributed

  • You have control on yourself

  • Action v learning

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Dunning & Kruger Effect

  • Experts know what they don’t know


“Talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not” - Hans via Layla Janah

“ If you know you have deeper immense talent but don’t know how to apply it one thing that is in your control is yourself.” - Hans Manzke

“I value additional action verses additional learning, if you take no action in the time you are learning does it matter now? You will keep learning but something has to happen.” - Host Dave Swillum

Resources Noted In This Podcast

Social Entrepreneur: Layla Janah

Neal Gaiman

English Writer

Maya Angelou


Ted Talks

Khan Academy

You Are Here

The Doors Of Perception

Thinking Fast and Slow

Han’s Links

Han’s Book!

For All: Democratizing Big Ideas



The Clearing

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