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E131: Communicating Through Story & Self Distributing Your Creative W/ Story Coach Marcy Pusey

Updated: Mar 9, 2022



Speaking with so many types of creatives we always have authors on the show to speak to their story telling but every one is different. On todays’ episode I speak with an author that also helps other authors tell their story. Today we speak to story coach Marcy Pusey and talk over not only what I just mentioned but her story through past traumas, how stories can be used for better communication and education in children, getting past gate keepers, and self publishing or self distributing your creative. Email or Dm us to let us know what your thoughts are of this episode!

In This Episode We Cover

  • Past trauma

  • Elevated from helping other creatives accomplish their goals

  • How can I broadcast out there the most?

  • Using story to teach and communicate

  • Story effect on the human brain and thinking

  • Resilience

  • Different ways of learning

  • Getting past gate keeps

  • Self publishing

  • Turkey’s can fly


“I get to help others get their messages out, that’s what matters to them and it’s not just my own message out there.” - Marcy Pusey

“Resilience is based on having life experience.” - Marcy Pusey

Resources Noted In This Podcast

The Best Yes

Bird by Bird

Better Future Coaching

Marcy’s Links


Marcy’s Ted X Talk: How Story Empowers Kids To Shape Our World

Marcy’s Ted X Talk You Are More Than Your Traumatic Experience




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