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E130: Creating Your Writing Career From China To Poland W/ Author Dave Norman

Updated: Oct 28, 2021


After speaking with so many people from so many places it’s great to speak to another creative near my home again but when you hear his story you’ll hear many places far away from it. On this episode we speak with author, hasher, and paintball aficionado Dave Norman. We speak on creating an income from what you love starting as kid by adding value and understanding where and how the money moves in the business to place yourself in it. We talk on traveling and taking an opportunity when it comes to you instead of letting it pass by. How cities become really cool from art then because of that exact creation become too expensive for artists to live in like many other unfortunate cycles. Great episode for authors, writers, travelers, and of course creatives trying to make a living doing what they love.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Getting into writing as a job

  • How to pitch articles

  • Figuring out how to make a living off your craft

  • Creating the gig

  • Add value

  • Seeing how it works and finding a way to get involved

  • Wear a cup

  • Take the ride

  • Taking the opportunity as it happens

  • City gentrification and population movements in the art community

  • Say yes


“What’s happening here, you have these mentors, they say this where money is moving, this is what’s adding value, these are the dollar signs of what’s happening. You saw this is how it works, this is where they are adding value. These are what I’ll do to join those and bring something to the community as well!” - Host Dave Swillum

“There’s a clear but not easily defined line between being stubborn and good self advocacy.” - David Norman

“If you bought the ticket, take the ride, ride it till the end as long as it’s ethical to others, who cares what others think.” - David Norman

Resources Noted In This Podcast

Find a mentor anywhere you have done a lot of growth and learning and ask them to hang out then learn from them.

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