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E129: The Life Of An Ethical Drug Dealer W/ Jimi Fritz

Updated: Mar 9, 2022


Musician of five albums, filmmaker, writer, and world traveler Jimi Fritz and I sit down to speak on his life as an “ethical drug dealer”. Jimi decided young that he didn’t want to follow the footsteps of everyone in his hometown who worked at the factory that supported the town so he took off and hit the road. We speak through psychedelics and their reawakening in our society after the war on drugs. Currently there are research programs at ivy league schools across the US showing the benefits of psychedelics for trauma and mental health but there is a larger conversation starting to show. We speak through what we like to do for work and what’s worth doing, keeping many irons in the fire to keep income coming, always seeing an option C, imagination, and drugs.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Being terrified of “Normal work”

  • How to know a 9 to 5 won’t work for you

  • The “great scam”

  • Making a living doing what you love

  • Musician life

  • Keeping many irons in the fire

  • Seeing option C

  • Having imagination

  • Lumping everything into a category called “drugs”

  • How drugs can be good and how they can be bad

  • Cultural and social movements

  • Human’s are the same everywhere, it’s just the cultural differences


“ I have to have a goal ahead of me to be working towards so the 9 to 5 wasn’t going to work for me so I was more or less forced to find alternatives.” - Jimi Fritz

“ I’ve always managed to stay more or less one scam ahead of a job.” - Jimi Fritz

“There’s always option C, you can always create another option out of the situation no matter what’s happening.” - Host Dave Swillum

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