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E127: Free Outside W/ Jeff Garmire



Youngest hiker to complete the famous hiking “triple crown”. Today we talk on the outdoors and how you can always go back to a job but can’t always knock out everything on your vision board or your dreams if you don’t make a plan. Jeff is the author behind the book “Free Outside” and speaks to what matters and what doesn’t, who we are in nature and in social experiments in society, What we need verses what we want, and overall going after being free outside. You’ll hear his story behind becoming an outdoor blogger and the real facts behind surviving financially and building the life you want when you want it. Plenty of way out there deep conversation on world constructs but also lots of very digestible tips to help creatives, entrepreneurs, and freelancers go after what they love too! Shoot us a message or email and let us know what you think. As always thank you for your time listening.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Getting into backpacking

  • Natural ways to guide life without a phone on hand

  • What matters most? Back to the basics

  • The world is flexible

  • What comes natural to us?

  • We don’t know how big of an effect things have on us until later

  • Social experiments

  • Going backwards by having to show our ego

  • What we need verses what we do and want

  • Taking a leave of absence to leave with an open door from your job

  • It’s ok to go back

  • Make it a plan


“When the sun goes down your usually tired, when the sun goes up you’re usually awake and that’s what guides life. It was a really interesting way to see what matters. I need to figure out where I’m getting water, where I’m resupplying food, where I’m camping. Beyond that the world is so flexible.” - Jeff Garmire

“When you go to nature you are removing your self. There’s no other stupid shit happening there in nature. Everything either has a function, or the animals have a thing they are trying to get done or survive. Humans are so smart we do things that get in our own way of basic survival because of what we come up with. All of the the things we’ve done to create society have changed that. - Host Dave Swillum

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