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E125: Finding Your Own Voice & Creating Your Own Niche W/ Tarot Coach Skye Marinda



Using your creative background to create a business that supports people is a great thing! Today we speak to Skye Marinda who is a Tarot Coach from D.C. Not sure what that is? I wasn’t either because she made it with the tools and super powers she has. Coming from a background in art school and a love for Tarot reading she works with people in Tarot as a medium to gain confidence in themselves and work through their thoughts internally. She has given over 400 readings and 100 workshops worldwide. You don’t have to know anything about Tarot readings to love this episode because I didn’t know anything while interviewing! Great insight on creating a creative business drawing from social DM’s, using your artistic background in new ways, running events in new spaces, and external judgement on your creative business. Let us know what you think of the conversation!

In This Episode We Cover

  • Using tools for self reflection

  • Making a niche

  • Using your art background in new ways

  • Going through different phases

  • How much society values art

  • Keeping arts strong

  • Using spaces to run events for free

  • Interacting with customers coming from social feeds

  • Getting used to working with strangers as clients

  • Seeing others do well

  • Find your own voice

  • The coaching model

  • Parental pressure to have you get a “normal job”


“I truly believe that creative is just a different thing we make it out to be. That subjectiveness, that way of interpretation, a way to see a story and go through something is creativity to me.” - Host Dave Swillum

“I feel like a lot of times people feel like you should be charging high prices for what you do, not that you shouldn’t charge money but I definitely used that first year to see what’s it like to do business with people on instagram and Tik Tok, and all over the place to get a feel for it.” - Skye Marinda

“Getting started is the hardest hurdle to get past.” - Skye Marinda

Resources Noted In This Podcast Episode

Mating In Captivating

by Ester Perrel




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