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E123: Managing Your Relationship With $ Money $: What is it really? W/ Dave Swillum



Your relationship with money dictates your decision making process and your mood so it’s important for any creative or business owner to manage. I’ve been unhealthy and healthy with my perspective on money in many different ways over my life transitions. When you don’t have a lot sometimes it comes out of anger because you can’t get what you need at the time, when you have more sometimes it comes from still not wanting to spend it and more importantly not spending it on the right things or things that fill your cup. On this episode we talk about some things to look out for that may be unhealthy ways of looking at what money is and it’s purpose and talk through some ways to manage a better relationship with it. Money is an energy and a vehicle but nothing more. Everything else we develop in our world around it on our journey is something different. Let’s start cultivating a great relationship on what money really boils down to so we can make the best decisions on our mission and get the biggest impact from life.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Your relationship with money dictates your decision making process

  • Money is energy

  • Difference between broke and poor

  • F U Money

  • Decisions not based out of fear

  • Stopping reactionary decision making

  • Controlling natural human - animal instincts

  • I tell me what I’m doing

  • Frugality: Fighting how cheap I can be

  • Buying things that don’t matter sometimes

  • Your “rich life”


“Money is energy, money is a vehicle…….that’s all.” - Host Dave Swillum

“I’m giving energy up, so what am I getting that gives energy back to me? If it doesn’t I’m probably not going to buy it.” - Host Dave Swillum

“You give up a lot to go after your passion in a real way” - Host Dave Swillum

Resources Noted In This Podcast Episode

Living Your Rich Life Podcast Episode Tim Ferris / Ramit Sethi

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