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E118: It's Ok To Exit, Even If It's Not On Your Terms: You're Fired Part II W/ Peter Maslanka



One of the best part of hosting this podcast has been meeting you all out there so this episode is extra special. After losing his job and searching for some others conversation on the topic Peter found our podcast by looking up “Getting Fired’ and finding our episode 57 on when it happened to me! Peter reached out to the show via our email and we’ve connect on so much ever since on purpose, work outs, journaling, and investing. Peter and I connect on the shared thoughts on FU money and getting fired for the first time then speak on navigating that space and the development that comes after something like that. If you are working on financial independence, ability to have more control at your job, scared of being fired or just were, or want to hear more on personal growth and investment this episode is for you. Thank you Peter for listening, reaching out, and connecting through the show!

In This Episode We Cover

  • Coming out stronger than before

  • Finding advice through podcast

  • Meeting people from digital to real life

  • Being caught off guard

  • Reframing the situation

  • Looking back through journaling to understand your current self

  • If anyone has control on anything in your life they can make losing an option

  • How to journal

  • Looking at yourself over time

  • Public speaking

  • Social experiments for growth

  • Having FU money (ability to handle surprises)


“ t’s important to reframe the situation. Instead of thinking about what’s wrong thinking about what’s right.” - Peter Maslanka

“It’s ok to exit, even if it’s not on your own terms. There’s no shame in exiting, no shame in getting fired there’s always something out there for you.” - Peter Maslanka

“Everyday is gonna be it’s own thing, you don’t know what’s gonna happen even when you feel like you’re comfortable and you know exactly what’s gonna happen. Someone else can make choices to change up your day. Whether it’s work or it’s other things. We don’t have control like we think we do.” - Host Dave Swillum

Resources Noted In This Podcast Episode

Toast Masters Public Speaking Groups

Awareness by Anthony De Mello

Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

The Position of FU from The Gambler movie

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