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E117: Understanding Time Along YOUR Journey: Competitive Urgency Vs. You Have Time! W/ Dave Swillum


Many times when we are purpose driven or after a dream we have added difficulties in perceiving and controlling our time because we spend additional years putting in the work. Sometimes when we aren’t happy with what we are doing we need more “competitive urgency” or drive thinking what would I regret right now if I instantly turned 90 or what would my obituary read tomorrow? Other times we are working with hat urgency but it may take us away from the moments we aren’t meant to think that way where we need to accept that we have time. We have a lot of time in context to where we are at with our goals.

This episode quickly dives into the medium between these two feelings and opens discussion for you based on where you are personally at. Some days I need to get back after it and others I need to chill out a bit and be where my feet are. Either way let’s look at a large concept of time and break it down a bit for how we process on our journey of purpose in creative.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Competitive urgency

  • How we think of time as entrepreneurs and creatives

  • How time is related to time

  • We age ourselves with our own perception

  • What would your obituary say if you died tomorrow ?

  • You have time

  • Take time to enjoy the process

  • There are mundane periods and that’s normal

  • Time & Money as resources for a business


“ Every single thing that we buy, anything that has any price on it and anything that is priceless is based on the human perception of time. I believe we pay to save time or how we want to spend our time in some way.” - Host Dave Swillum

“If you act young then you’re young, if you act old then your old.” - Host Dave Swillum

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