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E115: No One Else Is Going To Wake Up In The Morning And Feel Inspired For You W/Jim Chester



Take marketing and journalism and blend it with your beliefs and passions in health! Jim Chester of Influencer Authority and Chirohustle creates podcasts, documentaries, and works to create influence and help in the chiropractic space. We speak through business, mindset, and content creation. How to communicate effectively through many mediums, growing impact, and selling your skill set. Jim recently started a new podcast to see if he could do proof of concept after growing his first so rapidly. We speak through some of his routines and history in improvement.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Marketing and Journalism in the modern age

  • Sharing a story

  • Owning a niche and vertical

  • American Healthcare system

  • Pro active verses reactionary health

  • Responsibility

  • Communication

  • Knowing your role

  • Funding documentaries

  • Influence

  • Starting a podcast

  • Your impact

  • Give people what they want sell them what they need


“ No one else is going to wake up in the morning and become inspired for you, No one else is going to feed you better food but you, no one else is going to go put the miles in the trails or hours in the weight room but you.” - Jim Chester

“ We control what happens when we wake up each day but people like to say that isn’t not in their control because it feels better. Every day is a choice.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ Does the guy who makes the car sell the car? I’m the guy who sells the car I’m not the guy who makes the car or services the car.” - Jim Chester

“Do you know how many times Thomas Edison tried to make a light bulb before he got it right? He tried to create a lightbulb 5,000 times before he got it right.” - Jim Chester

Resources Noted In This Episode

Palmer Rugby Recruiting Video

Ghost Tapes

BJ Palmer Green Books

Men of Iron

75 Hard Challenge

Chiropractic: The Documentary

Think and Grow Rich

How to Win Friends and Influence People

The Greatest Salesmen In The World

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