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E114: Nomadic Entrepreneurship & Manifesting The Life You Want To Live W/ Rob Mathias



Travel hasn’t been on the top of everyones plans for the past year so on this episode we talk to nomadic entrepreneur, clothing trader, and music event vendor Rob Mathias and his travels and creative business. We speak through gratitude and spirituality, manifesting the life you want and following that, not getting stuck in a rut, and managing a business across country borders.

Traveling can be amazing for the sole and really inspire, let alone when you truly ingrain into a different place and become part of it. On this episode we speak through Rob getting and making new goods in Central America and bringing them to festivals of people thinking different.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Being grateful for your past experiences

  • Putting the work in

  • Manifesting your life

  • Working at a job you don’t like

  • Always thriving forward

  • Not getting stuck in a rut

  • Losing weight and feeling healthy

  • Apprenticing

  • Learning the business

  • Following a calling

  • Exporting internationally

  • Managing staff out of country


“ I learned my worth, how hard I’m wiling to work. I wanted to do that for me, not for a company.” - Rob Mathias

“It’s a choice everyday whether you’re going to go to bed early or you’re going to stay up and get something done.” - Dave Swillum

“Not only have I surrendered to that flow since I’ve been out here, I’ve been swimming with that flow.” - Rob Mathias

Resources Noted In This Episode

Lake Atilan

The Bhagvad-Gita (The As It Is Edition)

Rob’s Links!

Hostel Del Funk

Moksha Moda

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