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E111: Comic Book Entrepreneur, NFT's For Creatives, & Making Art Accessible W/ Justin Ashbrook



Today’s episode with Justin Ashbrook. Mixed discussion between starting a business in the comic book space to make it more accessible to more people, NFT’s for creatives, the music industry from recent Berklee Grad thoughts, and a lot more. Justin and I go through these topics and how they may apply to you. NFT”s have a bubble of excitement right now but I firmly believe in their long term success for creatives so check them out if you haven’t yet. The music business is changing all the time like most and it’s never been easier to make it on your own with the DIY spirit.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Making the arts more accessible

  • What type of business is right or you?

  • Solving your industries problems

  • Simply the process

  • Smaller publisher and business advantages and disadvantages

  • Making decisions fast

  • Speed

  • Trying new ideas as the market changes

  • Running tests on your creative business idea

  • Work life balance in your business

  • Purpose over product

  • Getting testimonials to start showing the feedback from your first client

  • NFT’s for creatives

  • Labels aren’t magic

  • DIY has never been more possible


“I think people can enjoy them they just need to learn how to enjoy them.” - Justin Ahsbrook

“When you first start up a business you must constantly innovate but once you get the size of Disney or Warner Brothers you get successful, you get an ego, and at that point because of your success it becomes really difficult to innovate.” - Justin Asbrook

“Jeff Bezos started in a garage.’ - Host Dave Swillum

Resources Noted In The Podcast

The Lean Start Up

By Eric Riles

Good To Great

By Jim Collins

Gary Vee’s NFT Platform

Justin's Links

Justin’s Youtube Channel

IG @justameme20



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