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E110: Starting An Apparel Line, Mixed Digital Media, & Being Resilient W/ Cody Weimar



After a long time working undercover I took todays episode to interview someone who has been helping me work on a sort of secret project. Starting an apparel line for creative entrepreneur’s and freelancers!

Meet my designer Cody Weimar. Cody and I talk through his story as a musician, apparel and mixed digital media designer, and some tips and influences. We talk through the process of creating a brand from mood boards and influences and what it can take sometimes to stay in the game long enough for your fans to show up in whatever you do.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Starting my apparel line

  • Getting harsh feedback from mentors

  • Musician and designer

  • Stage presence

  • Panic attacks

  • Bad interviews

  • Some people don’t like what you do

  • Keep going

  • Bet on yourself

  • Seeing your work in real life

  • The process of coming up with a design

  • Being resilient

  • Getting crushed

  • Getting better


“ It takes a lot to put yourself out there like that and be rejected.” - Cody Weimar

“Keep doing your thing that makes you who you are, there’s something that’s making you up from your life experiences that other people, thats never happened to.” - Host Dave Swillum

“There’s always gonna be people that aren’t gonna like you and you can’t help that. It’s just a matter of fact, there’s gonna be people that don’t like what you do. But the key is that you keep doing it long enough that somebody that actually appreciates what you do actually see’s what you do.” - Cody Weimar

Resources Noted In The Podcast

Alan Watts Philosopher

The End of Print

David Carson

Pretty Much Everything

Aaron Draplin

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