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E109: Content Strategy For Creatives, Folk Music Stories, & Cowboy Boots W/ Jeremiah Craig



I always love to chat with creatives that have multiple universes that make up their day to day. On todays episode I interview folk musician, Youtuber, & cowboy boot enthusiast Jeremiah Craig. We speak on content strategy, music and tour life, and never holding regrets. We speak through his tips and tricks to look into what type of content to make and how all of these facets of his life come together.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Done is better than perfect

  • Starting out as a song writer

  • Making content on what you love

  • How to sustain your creative from income

  • Community is everything

  • New England life

  • Connecting with people through your content

  • Growing a Youtube channel

  • Make as much content as possible and don’t judge

  • Content sprints

  • Creating from what you know

  • Writing music off of stories

  • Life is for taking chances

  • No regrets ever


“ As a songwriter you know the first fire songs you write are horrible! I wrote 100’s!” - Jeremiah Craig

“ Places have a big input on what you make and how you feel.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ It’s my goal for people to always be behind on my content because that means I made enough.” - Jeremiah Craig

“ There’s not enough channels until everyone has their own thing, why the hell not?” - Jeremiah Craig

Resources Noted In The Podcast

Google Trends

For Content Creators

Gary Vee

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