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E108: Creating New Sounds & Dumpster Drums W/ Creative Percussion Founder Kevin Feeney



Creative things happen when you let a builder make percussion instruments or a drummer build things…..or both. Today we have on Kevin Feeney from Creative Percussion. Kevin is the founder of this boutique hand crafted made to order percussion instrument brand out of NH distributing to famous musicians and shops around the world. We speak on how it happened, how he creates sounds, creative process, and a lot more. Join us today as a musician, creative, or business owner to talk through it.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Starting out with dump salvage material

  • Saving your body from hard labor work

  • Getting ideas in dreams

  • Investing in creating even if it doesn’t finish that day

  • Creating new sounds

  • Trying new things

  • When ideas won’t leave you alone

  • Things happen for a reason

  • Doing things your way

  • Selling physical products across the world

  • Dealing with injuries

  • Endorsing artists

  • Toxic social


“ Done is better than perfect any day.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ They sat on my bench for a year and I thought I wonder if I could make a bass drum beater out of that?” - Kevin Feeney

“ I don’t do things normal, I don’t know any of the rules for metal making….I’m a wood worker so I treat it like wood.” - Kevin Feeney

Resources Noted In Podcast

Inshot video editing on your phone

Kevin’s favorite Tequila

Frequency Healing

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