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E106: Life As A Digital Nomad, Killing Ego, & Scaling A Creative Business W/ Max Sher



Ever wanted to travel the world while working doing what you love? Consider being a digital nomad then. It’s possible in today’s age with the tools we have at the ready to work a creative business and travel the world and we hear a bit about it from Max Sher of the Sher Agency. Max works with a agency team he put together in some unique ways to work from moving every couple months to explore while creating custom websites for customers. We talk through the process of doing something like this, scaling a creative business, and overall killing ego so you can let others work in your business with you so you can help more people and live with more freedom.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Being a digital nomad

  • Starting an agency

  • Starting up a business in college

  • Networking in new places

  • Challenges of travel life

  • Getting into the digital nomad life

  • Controlling your overhead

  • Looking at real estate choices of overhead

  • Bringing in income online

  • Tricks to get a better rate at long term airbnb

  • How to manage a creative business team remote

  • Niching down in your business

  • Working with a team across different countries and states ,,,

  • Taking a step back to go forward

  • Growing pains


“I feel like everywhere I go, this is where I’m staying but then someone tell’s me some cool place I should go then I go.” - Max Sher

“We had to spend the night at a gas station. We were in our chairs sleeping in this car at a pump waiting for a tow truck that was not coming!” - Max Sher

“It’s a game of I need to keep my overhead down, I need to control the overhead that I induce and I need to control and generate income from something that can be facilitated perfectly online.” - Host Dave Swillum

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