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E103: Finding Your Way To Stay Centered W/ Dave Swillum


Have you ever felt away from your center? Like you have plans and actions you are taking but float away from the why and what is happening past the calendar? I think this year of any we all particularly have felt drifting from our center selves after being out of our norm for so long or locked up inside away from socialization. I took a long weekend away off grid in a cabin where I saw no other people just playing guitar, reading, and thinking. This helped me get back out of it a bit and keep marching forward. I’ve found I need to stir things up either by displacing myself, making it so I need to live differently day to day or shake it up in some other way to keep my compass and stay fresh. Let’s talk about ways to stay or get back to center.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Getting centered and staying there

  • Being aware and being proactive

  • Keeping true north

  • Taking time to reflect on your own actions

  • Shaking things up

  • True quite helps me

  • Do things different


“ When we’re not centered and we don’t have a true north and know what’s going on it’s really hard to tell why we do anything that we do.” - Dave Swillum

“ How cool am I with me? Those are hard questions to ask and they aren’t always frequently asked.” - Dave Swillum

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