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E101: Managing & Marketing Your Music W/ John McArthur of Greenhouse Recording Studio



Back into the swing of things now with more interviews of creatives. Today we speak to John McArthur owner of Greenhouse Recording Studio in New Hampshire and co-founder of the Unlabel Record Label supporting local artists in finding income from their art.

We talk deep into sync licensing and payments for artists as well as making a living as a local artist and properly marketing your music. Together we share thoughts on house concerts, experiencing the industry through COVID, and many other things. This episode is music forward in conversation but does hold a lot of great tips for marketing creative and starting a creative business none the less.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Finding a place for a home business home studio

  • Dropping out of grad school

  • Making your “third act”

  • Running a recording studio through COVID times

  • Being pulled back towards a direction

  • Running house concerts

  • What do artists need?

  • Starting a record label

  • Marketing your music as a local

  • Synch license basics for artists

  • Writing for a mood or brand


“The artist is net never right?.” - John McArthur

“ I’ve been doing work writing music for podcasters and you tubers but I also pay for a blanket license for music for my content. It’s funny being on both sides of it.” - Host Dave Swillum

John McArthur’s Recommended Resources

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Ari Herstand

No booker, No bouncer, No Bar Tender

Shannon Curtis

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