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E100: Why Do You Wake Up & Do What You Do Everyday Instead Of Anything Else In The World? W/ Dave


Thank you so much for getting us to episode 100 of the show! I am so grateful for any of you that have given your time to be a part of this so far. On this special episode to celebrate and reflect we made a mash up of over 40 of our guests answers over the years responding to the same question I always ask….”Why do you wake up every day and do what you do instead of any other thing you could do in the world.” I ask this because I think your WHY is the single most important thing behind any action. Why do you do what you do? What’s the truth and what’s things we make up? Everyone has to figure it out for themselves but I thought putting these answers back to back would be a really interesting way to reflect on our community and guests.

Thank you for listening and message me on any of the platforms what your thoughts are and what you’d like to see out of this show moving forward!


In This Episode We Cover

  • Why do you do what you do everyday instead of anything else you could do in the world?

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