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E75: Drums, Real Estate, & Business Oh My! W/ Jamie Ryan



Sorry the title is super lame but I am too so that’s kind of part of it. Another IG connection. Jamie has tuned in on and off for some time now and we connected more through IG and found we have VERY similar interests and live really close which is weird because I am a pretty mixed dude. Fun episode, stays light hearted but hits on a lot of points between all the interests.

We talk on why the blend makes sense and how it helps and hurts us. Lifestyle choice and design, and dig into each piece. If you like all or none there’s something here but still really at large why we both ended up doing all these things. What blend makes you up?

In This Episode We Cover

  • Taking opportunities as they come

  • It’s easy to stay in a job you don’t like

  • Blending what you like

  • Glass ceiling

  • Lifestyle choice

  • Seeing opportunity

  • Renovations

  • Paying or doing?

  • No overhead means freedom

  • Sacrifice now

  • When are you setting up for? Long term?

  • No input/output for time anymore

  • Success leaves clues

  • Harness your 20’s

  • Start early


“ I”m taking opportunities as they come and I’m letting the universe guide it. Whenever opportunities come, take advantage of them, and play your best hand with the cards that you got.” - Jamie Ryan

“Dealing with bosses and having that glass ceiling above over your head. Like your working your ass off and they’re only giving you like $20 dollars an hour with a little bit of commission. I can’t deal with that.” - Jamie Ryan

“None of it is cool, none of it is a fun thing but If I could do this for a little bit then I could wake up and do whatever I want then it’s worth it.” - Host Dave Swillum

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