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E24 Being Strategic W/ Your Goals and Reducing Friction For Your Audience W/ Dave Swillum



Today Dave goes solo bringing some notes and discussion back from an unrecorded interview he did with a Sen. Sales Director of a fortune 500 SAAS company in Massachusetts. Dave completed this interview in 18' during his MBA program and wanted to unpack some of the experience and take aways he got that day with a large corporate figure in a digestible and applicable way for anyone looking to go after goals with strategy and communicate to an audience effectively. Shorter episode with some challenge statements geared toward any leader, entrepreneur, or person going after their goals. 

Thank you guys for listening and engaging! 

In this episode we cover

- Niching down, going all in on your strengths 

- Reducing friction for your end user, audience, or goal 

- How can you survive a good and bad economy? 

- People's changing habits from economical impact 

- Communication, Communication, Communication

- People, Process, Technology

- Transparency and Trust 

- Leading instead of managing 

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